How To Build A Simple Landing Page For POF Using Dreamweaver


POF or even PlentyOfFish has become easily the most widely used dating internet site online not just because it helps its users to obtain a romantic date easily, but also since it offers completely free accounts to them. There’s superior account which POF uses to invest in its service, however this paid accounts isn’t POF’s sole source of revenue. Exactly as with other social networking internet sites and internet services, POF also heavily depends upon advertisements. POF has come to be very charming for date finders. It’s now turned out to be enchanting rather well for the money seekers.

Why Would You Require a Landing-page for POF?


If you would like to advertise on POF, then you can choose whether to employ a landing page or perhaps not. If you make use of a landing page, then POF users that click on your own advertisements will go to a landing page, that may subsequently lead them to a advertiser’s site. If you never work with a landing page, then POF users may go right to a advertiser’s site whenever they click on your own ads. In the scenarios, you’re going to be paid should they perform activities demanded by the advertisers to your advertiser’s page and not in your own landing page.

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You might believe that the landing page is futile since it gets into the way. Well, think of it. A guy going into a vehicle dealer ship might well not purchase any car should he simply sees a lot of fancy cars without any body providing them with advice regarding those cars as car is just a large purchase. The possibility of a purchase has to be manufactured is significantly bigger in case your salesman can there be to spell out the cars’ fuel economy, resale value, and also other superior capabilities. A landing page is similar to a sales man. POF users that want to know more about clicking your adverts are anticipated to see interest boost whenever they arrive in your landing page before you go right to your advertiser’s site.

How to Construct an Easy Landing-page for POF With Dreamweaver?

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Dreamweaver is actually a userfriendly tool to develop almost any page, make it HTML or even PHP-based. That you never need to get stellar understanding about scripting as a way to generate a landing page to get all, for example POF. There’s a video that you’re able to see to realize the detail by detail procedure of creating a landing page with Dreamweaver. Ostensibly, to develop a easy POF landing-page with Dreamweaver, you’ll need just two key components, an index.php file that’ll becomes your page and also a style.css file which may specify the page elements appear on the web page. The video also shows ready-to-use scripts that you may use to really get your page to do the job. Once you join the CSS file into your PHP document and place every class in the CSS document in different DIV tags on your PHP document, you also are able to arrange the format and positioning of each and every category having simple drag and drop mechanism. After seeing the movie, you also ought to be amazed of how fast and easy it’s to generate an eyecatching landing-page which is sure to capture the interest of your audience and also assist you to earn profit progress.