POF Deleted User


POF (Plenty of Fish) free dating is very popular in Canada and Ireland, The United Kingdom, The United States, Australia, Brazil. It is the largest online dating site in the world. POF (Plenty of Fish) free dating is headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. The CEO and founder of POF (Plenty of Fish) have graduated with a diploma in Computer Systems Technology from British Columbia Institute of Technology in 1999.


POF (Plenty of Fish) free dating offer you to create and edit your profile, look for the potential matches and find out interesting singles nearby. There are a lot of people who join to POF (Plenty of Fish). The most of people said that it is the interesting site which should you visits, especially for you, as a single. Therefore if you are single and want to find special someone and go on dates you can join it.

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If you have POF (Plenty of Fish) free dating account, you can access it on your mobile phone through POF (Plenty of Fish) mobile which can you download on Play Store for Android, App Store for IOS and Windows Store for Windows Phone. Or you can go to www.pof.com. It is the official site of POF (Plenty of Fish). In POF (Plenty of Fish) free dating site you can create your POF profile, upload image on your profile, edit your profile, edit your username, delete your account, upgrade your account, send a message, delete user, unblock user and more. So you can manage your POF (Plenty of Fish) free dating account with pleasure.

POF (Plenty of Fish) free dating allows you to reach POF deleted user. If you want to delete a user from contacting you, you must have a message from them in your box. Please open conversation with the user which wants you deleted. Then you can click on the Block User link in the thread, located next to the replay box. If you using POF (Plenty of Fish) app mobile so you can found it in the drop down menu. Know that the option to delete a user is not available on your mobile device. Therefore you can do it through POF (Plenty of Fish) site.

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After you reach POF deleted user, the user that you deleted will not be able to contact you, but they will still be able to search for your profile. You have to consider it. In addition there is the way to unblock the user. What should you do to unblock a user? Firstly you can open conversation in your inbox and click Users that you want to blocked. It is exactly on the right side of the page. Then you can click unblock User with the username of the person you want to unblock. In other case, if that user has blocked you, so you will not be able to send them a message. If you want to report a user, you can click on Report User at the bottom of the user profile which you want to report.